So here we are.

I’d like to start of by saying this. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a looooong time now. Well. Maybe not that long, but for a few years now.

I’ve had a culmination of passing thoughts from time to time, like “oh, maybe I should start a blog, but how on earth does one even begin to do that?” Or ” I should really write down and share this recipe. If only I had a genius platform of technology to do that…oh wait.” Catch my drift?

Well, I’ve had enough of those nagging thoughts and ideas. So here we are. You, me, blog and all. Now I will be held accountable for saving my recipes in a concrete fashion, and you will be responsible for absorbing them.

The story behind Bunny and Butter

Well, it’s not so much a story as it was more of a conversation.

About three years ago, when my husband and I were boyfriend and girlfriend, we were taking a stroll around the city. (We lived in New York City at the time for  school. (More on that later) anyways, we were taking a walk and chatting as lovebirds do, day dreaming of our glamorous future together.

I said, “wouldn’t it be so cool if we could own our own café? It would be open in the morning for breakfast and lunch, and feature all sorts of oatmeal concoctions and yada yada yada.”

he asked me “what would you name it” I said “well it has to be something cute and reprsentative of us”

his nickname has always been “butter” or some variation of that word. And long story short, bunny was inspired by an adorable pet dwarf rabbit I had before moving to NYC, and her name was Bonnie. And plus, bunnies are so dang cute

So two sweet things combined=bunnyandbutter

As the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding would say (with a thick Greek accent) “So, there you go”.

Bunny and butter.

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  1. So there Ya go! Ya did it! Yay bunnyandbutter! Need a guest blogger or beautiful model? Just kidding! I subscribe and can’t wait to read! Let me know if you need help! Love Ya Sis!


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