30 day Blogging Challenge

Hey everybody!

It has been a LONG time since I have updated my blog. So much has happened between my last post and now, it would be nearly impossible to go over all of it, but I’ll go over some of the major highlights.

since my last post, we have moved from Colorado to SoCal! Matthew is starting a career in the acting world, and I’m still trying to figure what I want to do with my life.

Im no longer working in a bakery or with food, but I am working in sales for one of my favorite fitness studios. Random, right?! For a long time I have valued the importance of fitness and physical health, as well as nutrition and healthy cooking, so a job working in the fitness industry should compliment those interests.

So. The reason I want to start this 30 day blog challenge is because I NEED TO FOCUS. Now that I’m living in a huge city again, (L.A.) meeting new people and trying to settle into a new neighborhood, I find that I let these circumstances completely disrupt my focus.  I begin to second guess my career goals and new ideas flood my mind. This is such a destructive habit I have, because with all the flooding and anxiety, I end up not doing anything productive towards the goals I once had. Instead, I just wallow in misery.

My goal is this- blog everyday, for thirty days straight. That way I can, at the very least, spend some time sharing and reflecting on my thoughts each day and hopefully through that, refocus on what is truly important to me.

I have a few priorities in my life already, like my husband, my faith, family and friends, and my job. Those are kind of a given. The next step is for me to find out what interests of mine need to be expanded on, and nurtured, and which ones I can put aside so they can’t distract me or waste my time.


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