I’m already starting to feel the pressure of my commitment to write a blog everyday. Three days is all it took for me to get to the point of “Ugh, I forgot I have to write today.”

It’s pathetic really, but I think this is the reason why I set out on the challenge: I want to get over my routine of not finishing projects, and to focus my creative energy.

Sooo, what to talk about today…

At work I get the chance to meet some really inspiring human beings. I think a huge plus to living in L.A is that you are surrounded by people who do extraordinary things. Actors trying to make it, script writers churning out screenplay after screenplay hoping to be recognized, fitness models, editors, personal trainers, social media entrepreneurs, small business owners…the job titles are endless… some are hysterical.

I going to assume that some of you wouldn’t agree with me that these people are inspiring or extraordinary. Especially if what they are doing hasn’t produced a lot of monetary success. There is this common notion that L.A is full of people chasing their dreams, only to be waiters and bartenders. That eventually they will turn out to be burnouts and hasbeens. This is true to an extent.

But at least they have courage. Courage to be denied time after time. To hear that “this isn’t good enough” and continue to write, perform, create and live outside of their comfort zone. That is what is inspiring to me. That is the reason why many people don’t make it out here in show business.

I’m honored to be living  on the outside looking in. I’m not “in the biz” but I’ll be a cheerleader to those of you who are (husband).

and to end on a funny note,



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