Food for Thought

I really do enjoy a good movie here and there. Anything with Tom Hardy, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, food centric movies, Moonstruck. They all make me pretty happy.

But only when I’m by myself, I go for documentaries.  I don’t really like to share the experience with anyone else. Or maybe it’s because no one else wants to watch a documentary with me…? Let’s face it, they can be kind of boring to most people, but I get so inspired by them!

here are a few good ones that I’ve watched lately, all on Netflix.

Michael Pollans “Cooked” docu-series based off his Book – beautifully shot and insightful. A four- fold thoughtful study of the elements, fire, water, air, and earth and how they have shaped and effected human kind, our culture, and they way we eat.

Cowspiracy – A little sensationalist, but I think it boils down to a good message. I’m not a Vegan, but I support that lifestyle and I do agree that the over consumption and exploitation of animals is sad.

I think I’m going to come back and add more to this post, but I have to get dressed and be somewhere soon!



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  1. Diego says:

    Have you seen Blackfish?


    1. I’ve seen and heard excerpts, but I actually haven’t watched it. I should put it on my to do list!


      1. Diego says:

        I thought it was really interesting! I’ll give Cowspiracy a gander.

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      2. Same here with Blackfish!


      3. Diego says:

        Just finished Cowspiracy. Wow, that was a real eye opener. We’re a greedy lot aren’t we?


      4. I thought so too!


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