Food for Thought Continued…

I want to continue my discussion of great documentaries that I’ve watched. So grab a beer, stop all human contact and turn on Netflix.

One documentary that really touched me is called Life in a Day. It has been out for a few years now, but it is still so deserving to be talked about. It’s like an hour of ultimate people watching. You get a glimpse of what people do all over the world, whether its a mundane task of an exhilarating adventure. So. cool.

As recommended by  several people now, I am now watching Blackfish. I’m only 30 minutes into it, and already it has struck a deep nerve in me.

I had the privilege of growing up in Florida. I come from a family with excellent divers, fishermen and outdoors-men. The Gulf of Mexico is like a beloved relative to me. I’ve grown to have a deep care and respect for the water and the life that it sustains and this documentary is making all of those feelings and memories rush to the surface of my being.


I remember going to SeaWorld as a child, it was just something that Florida kids do. I thought the animals were so beautiful and inspiring. How inexplicably sad is it that some of those animals were stolen from their pods or families to be used as show props?

Ugh, all of the feelings…


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