Moving to L.A has been a lot to adjust to. I thought that I could compare it to living in NYC, but I was sadly mistaking. The biggest difference is the necessity of having a car in this sprawled out city.

I remember how in the first week of living here I couldn’t believe that it was so difficult to find parking just in my own neighborhood. I was so worried about parking my car more than a block away from my apartment. Now, I’m pleased if I get within a 3 block radius.

I was outraged that my neighbors let their dogs stand outside and bark for hours on end, especially at night. Now, we can’t go to bed withought Rainymood on the entire night.

Traffic. Everyone hates the traffic, but you just have to submit yourself to it. Driving is actually pretty scary out here though. I’ve never seen so many reckless people on the road, so I truly have to be careful. It’s not like in Florida, where the geriatric patients rule the road.

I never thought I’d be okay with living in a studio apartment, but I really don’t mind it anymore. Living in a small space has really forced me to pair down to the essentials and throw away or donate so much stuff. Clothes, shoes, decor, dishes. It’s freeing to get rid of all of that excess stuff.

Overall, it’s been a little challenging, beautiful, and straight up crazy at some points, but nothing that Matthew and I can’t handle!