Beer Braised Chicken

For tonight’s dinner, I made beer braised chicken. It was so easy, it doesn’t even require a recipe.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of my dinner due to poor lighting. I really need to find a way to light my kitchen better. I might need to switch out the bulbs, or perhaps I could take a trip to Ikea land and see what kitchen lighting they offer. Either way it’s too bad I can’t get a good picture without daylight!

Back to the chicken. So easy. I used a whole chicken and I quartered the beast.

I decided to take the skin off to be more healthy, but if health isn’t your concern, I’d keep the skin on. I lit the fire under my dutch oven to about medium high and melted some coconut oil. I seasoned the chicken simply with some salt and pepper, and Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute. I had to sear the chicken in two batches because I wanted it to brown well. Once all of the chicken had a nice brown crust, I removed it from the heat onto a plate. From there I added shallots, and de-glazed the pan with beer. (I used an amber ale). brought the liquid to a simmer and put the chicken back in the pot. It simmered for about an hour. You could certainly go longer, but I ran out of time. Serve when you are ready and enjoy. You could even make  gravy out of the liquid that is left in the pot!


I suggest using a Dutch Oven. It’s an invaluable tool.

  1. heat pan
  2. season meat
  3. brown on all sides
  4. remove meat and add your onions, garlic or whatever you are using for aroma
  5. De-glaze
  6. bring liquid to a simmer
  7. return meat
  8. let it braise for a while so the meat can loosen up.
  9. Eat!



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