Failure and Triumph

Woops! I totally forgot to blog yesterday. I FAILED at my 30 day blogging challenge.

I’m not really being hard on myself though. No one is perfect, and I am going pick up from where I left off. I mean, c’mon, blogging 15 days in a row is pretty difficult.

I guess I forgot because it was my day off. I spent most of the day in planning mode and chilling mode. My morning was very productive and I had a few pivotal conversations with some trusted and wise people I know.  I’ve had some ideas brewing in regards to my future career/ education plans. I’m still very much in the beta phase and I’ve not made any decisions yet, but the research, thinking and praying aspect has been very exciting.

I’ve been in a funk for a long time because I feel I haven’t found my calling. I don’t regret my decision to go to culinary school and I truly believe that all the experience I’ve been getting in the last 3-4 years is going towards creating the bigger picture. In the meantime, waiting, praying, and working my ass off has been hard and sometimes seems pointless.

But I have a glimmer of hope, and I think I’m starting to see more of the picture and it’s encouraging.

Sometimes I wonder how many people have that moment when they realize they know exactly what they want to do. It sounds like a myth. Up until about a week ago I don’t think I’ve ever had an occupational goal pull at my heart that strongly.

I’m going to keep fostering that feeling and see if it grows into something bigger.

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