Nature is Nurture.

My ways of re-charging are: Stay at home away from people. OR go out and see nature.

Both of these outlets are very important to me. Today, I pretty much got to spend the whole day outside and it was wonderful.

Matthew and I and some of our lovely new friends planned a group hike, followed by a trip to Malibu Wines. The weather forecast was perfect and I couldn’t have been more excited.

This morning we woke up to grey skies and fog. I was a little bummed, because I love the sunshine. We set out on our hike sunshine or not and much to our delight, the sun broke through the fog and the skies had become blue again. There was still a haze so the visibility out to the ocean wasn’t so great, but there was still so much beauty to be enjoyed.

sittin sideways

It’s easy to forget that that we are only a 30 minute drive from some picturesque scenery!

Now we are are home a little sunburned and sleepy. Evidence of a day well spent.

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