I was so tempted to not write a blog tonight. I’m unusually tired right now. It’s either due to  the whole daylight savings business catching up to me, or because of my workout today.

Whatever it is, I’m just tired.

I’ve been trying to get myself to workout out more consistently these past couple of weeks. Over the first month of us living here, my fitness routine flew out the window. In Denver I held a very physically demanding job, and I did HIIT training with Orangetheory Fitness at least 4 times a week.

You’d think that I would be super fit and lean from all of that hard work, but that is not what happened. I was even eating pretty healthy most of the time. What gives! My theory is that my body was so over-stressed from all of the standing, running around and going for long periods of time without a proper meal that it refused to shed any fat. Sure, I got pretty strong from hauling around 50lb bags of flour, but the extra muscle and no fat loss wasn’t helping me fit into my jeans any better.

Now, my job consists of sitting at a desk most of the day. But the GREAT added bonus is that I now work for Orangetheory fitness and I have all kinds of access and opportunities to workout! All I have to do is fight the urge to be lazy and make sure I squeeze in my workouts before or after work. I’m hoping that in time, my body will figure out that it doesn’t need to hold onto the extra fat that it has and recognize that I’m not trying to kill it with over-work!

On top of all of that, I have a history of disordered eating and general abuse to my body. I’m a few years into being fully recovered and eating normally- I’m so over that restrictive eating bullshit. I’d rather workout and eat real food.

Now, my hope is for my body to fully recover from all of the shit I put it through and to just let go. Like, literally let go of some fat. Jeez.

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