Spring Showers Bring Lemon Cake

This weekend I helped to celebrate my sweet friend Narae’s baby shower!

I jumped at the chance to make a cake for this special occasion. I seriously find so much pleasure in planning a cake for any kind of celebration/event. Cakes can be so pretty and I love how they symbolize celebration! It’s not everyday you get to eat a piece of cake. I scour cookbooks and the internet for ideas on flavor and presentation. I consider the time of year, weather, and of course taste preferences.

Spring is in full swing and after days of crazy wind, haze and clouds, LA has finally been getting amazing weather. I live for blue skies and sun!

I thought it would be so fitting to have a light and refreshing cake, perfect for a sunny springtime baby shower. I settled on making a layered lemon sponge cake with lemon curd filling and a whipped mascarpone/cream frosting. For a garnish I candied lemon slices and used a few mint leaves for a pop of color!

I didn’t follow just one recipe for the entire cake but I pieced several together to create this beauty.


I’m also happy to say that it was a hit and the mommy to be may or may not have licked the entire cake plate when the party was over. 😉

P.S. I’ve missed blogging!! I definitely feel like my productivity levels have gone down since last months challenge. I’m going to try and update at least once a week from now on.


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