My Farewell Address to LA

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

We moved away from Los Angeles at the beginning of the Pandemic. This was something I wrote to process the thoughts and emotions I had going on at the time.

You are a festering, gaping wound of a city full of hypocrites, power hungry politicians, air head celebrities, homeless mentally ill and addicted people, and average folks like me.

You are a “city on a hill” shining with your golden globes, statues and stars. Lavished in riches and fineries enough to make King Solomon blush.

Your most influential citizens proclaim “equality!” “fair wage!” “not my president!” “coexist!” and then they excuse themselves and retreat to their mansions perched on the hill above the city, insulated and walled off from the commoners.

You are also a beautiful melting pot of people with rich cultural traditions and food. The Korean barbecue. The tamales. The food trucks, stands and carts. The street art. The murals.

Los Angeles, you have so much to offer, yet there is still so much that is wrong with you.  God, I hope the good people prevail and change you for the better. I hope the corruption, sky high rent and homelessness becomes a thing of the past.

But my family and I are not holding our breath, and that’s why we chose to leave.

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