ButcherBox! Is it Worth it?

Your girl can’t live on baked goods alone.

I’ve been wanting to try out ButcherBox for a while now! I originally heard about ButcherBox while listening to a podcast (I don’t remember which one) but you will find a lot of podcasters and bloggers have sponsorship deals and they are constantly running promos.
FYI, I’m not sponsored by Butcherbox.

What is ButcherBox?

To put it simply, ButcherBox is a meat subscription service. You choose the right plan for your needs and budget, and ButcherBox will send frozen high quality meat to your door!

Is it Expensive?

I signed up for the “Custom Plan” in the “Classic Box” size, which is between 9-14 lbs and costs $149/month. That is about $10-$12 per pound for grass fed beef, heritage breed pork and organic poultry (They even have fish as an option). Overall, the total comes out to be about 30% of my monthly grocery budget. Not bad.

Like I mentioned, they are constantly running promos for first time customers. When I signed up, I got 2 lbs of free ground beef in every order for life! Mind. Blown. I even have a refer and receive link to share so you can get $15 off your first order. http://fbuy.me/pYSg_

ButcherBox also has a good selection of economy cuts like chuck roasts and stew meat. These are great options if you want to get a bang for your buck because they have more servings than, say, a ribeye steak and you can stretch them across multiple meals. Leftover Pot Roast from Monday could turn into great taco meat for Tuesday. You get the idea.
So, is it expensive? Not really .

These cows look pretty happy!

Why Not Buy From The Grocery Store?

I want to transition away from purchasing meat at the supermarket because I don’t always know where it is sourced from. The meat packing industry plays the middle man between ranchers and grocery stores. Big meatpacking companies are infamous for severely undercutting the farmers and ranchers who supply the meat. These large corporations distribute most of the meat you see in a grocery store and I don’t want to support an industry that exploits people and animals for an unfair profit.

I appreciate that ButcherBox strives to elevate farmers and ranchers who prioritizes the well being of their own staff and livestock.

I think spending a little more on a healthier and ethically sourced product is worth it for me and my family.

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

What Now?

I wait for my box to arrive…I’m looking forward to sharing some pictures and developing recipes using this subscription service and I hope it’s great. If you want to get $15 off your first order, use my link! http://fbuy.me/pYSg_

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